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Rodney Cook

Rodney Mims Cook Interests is committed to enriching the human condition by improving the built environment. The company is a classical and traditional design firm, specializing in historical restorations, interiors and furnishings for clients involved in a spectrum of residential, commercial and institutional projects.

Rodney Mims Cook is also an authority on the design, construction and programming of modern classical monuments around the world. The firm of Rodney Mims Cook is based in the Millennium Gate Museum, the largest classical monument constructed since the Jefferson Memorial. It is owned by The National Monuments Foundation of which Mr. Cook is president. The mission of the Millennium Gate is as follows:

Novus Ordo Seclorum – The Millennium Gate is dedicated to peaceful accomplishments that have shaped the Western world, The United States of America, and the city of Atlanta over two millennia since the birth of Christ. A symbolic portal into the city, the ensemble refers to the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman civilizations, the foundations of Western culture. The statues of Justice and Peace represent Egypt and Greece respectively. The Arch represents Rome and is based on the Arch of Titus.

Cities are the engines of contemporary society and citizens are obligated to the best of their abilities to make their city better than the one in which they were born. Eighteenth century Georgia, one of the thirteenth original colonies, led to establish this tradition and heritage in America. Her citizens first created the sublime city of Savannah. One of the world’s most extraordinary urban plans. In making any of our cities more beautiful, we nurture our children and grandchildren; we honor our ancestors, our history, and ultimately God. This we have tried to do at the Millennium Gate.

The United States of America, at this significant date, has risen to greatness envisioned by our founding fathers. The new world has eclipsed the old; our Republic has surpassed the ancients and has established a high standard to which future cultures can aspire long after we are gone. In celebration, the twenty-first century National Monuments Foundation and her patrons gift this Arch to the people of Georgia and her capital, Atlanta. The Millennium Gate is built in the hopes that we may, in the words of Plato and Jefferson, become ennobled through the nurturing qualities of beautiful architecture – Rodney M. Cook, Jr.

It is in this tradition that the Millennium Gate and the National Monuments Foundation celebrates all that is exemplary regarding Classical excellence.

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